What is Grand Craft Auto?

Grand Craft Auto is a parody of the popular GTA game franchise created in Minecraft.

We have had over 100,000 unique players on our server. We attribute its success to a combination of addictive player on player combat, crazy game-bending mechanics like guns, cars, phones and an insane 7.2 million blocks squared recreation of the GTA 5 map.

Despite having very different game mechanics and visuals, the game is totally mod-free. This means that you don’t need to install anything other than regular Minecraft to play with us.

Where did Grand Craft Auto go?

A few months ago we started a process of updating the game to the latest Minecraft version, this was supposed to take only a week or two. Unfortunately, events transpired that led to that update taking a very very long time. Development began to slow due to the workload becoming excessive with so much of the content having to be totally remade.

We are happy to announce now that we have decided to restore the project to its former glory and work from there implementing all the new things we produced for it. (New guns, new map content, new vehicles)

Expect the server to be back up and running very very soon. The server will be on 1.8 again, but we will be working on making the server accessible to all new versions of the game.

We also have a new ‘Veteran’ rank with exclusive features in the works for all our returning players. Anyone who played on the server before will get one.